CATperience – I

Gave and got over with CAT today! One exam down, a few more still to go 😉
It’s been a few hours that it has been over, around 6 or so, but I am still confused, to shall I say if the exam was long or was it difficult!?


Last Year, when I gave the paper without much preparation, I remember, I went through it more than twice after finishing one major round of answering. I would have said 3-4 times, but then that was to look at questions which were unanswered or to review some (all more-or-less included in the 2 times over now).
But this time, OMG!!, I hardly had time to go over the paper once! And that hurt, for it was the first time I was looking forward to revisiting the already tried but left questions (which were many by the way in my case). In the last 2 minutes I was able to go look over some of them which were in the beginning. But the feeling of not being able to review them completely ain’t giving me the satisfaction!

I do believe that the Quants section was tough! For I found 2 completely new words being used! I have had my share of coaching, and my share of self-study too for CAT, but never did I come across those 2 words! And I still don’t remember them.
Either they were the type of questions that came in really older CATs, for I have never seen those at least in the past 5 years.

I cannot just say that it was lengthier, for I fear what might become of me in the examinations that are yet to come! Lesser time period, more number of questions.! Save me O Lord!!!

More on CATperiences here & here too.

P. S. Yes, it was my fifth attempt at CAT! That’s a discussion to look at sometime later! 😉

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