CATperience – II

…Continued from my CATperience here

I don’t know how many would agree or disagree with me on this, but the CAT shouldn’t be online.
I do say that I am not in love with the online format, but I did welcome the online format with open arms when it was introduced last year! But after taking CAT by the horn this year, I have to say, it doesn’t work, at least for me!

No! No! There were no technical or non-technical glitches this time (didn’t face any troubles last time either, but anyways).


My major concern with it being online came with the DI section this year.
It had questions, questions with tables, questions without tables. Then there were long questions and few small ones too! Some questions had few words and much to do to get them solved, some had large amount of write-up with them but didn’t need much thought to solve them!

My problem came with the type of questions with huge amount of data!! I mean to analyse it, you need a bloody pen-paper to solve it on! But that ain’t happening with the computer screen at the test centre! And I guess there is no solution to it either! 😦
I don’t know if anyone ever raised this problem, but I believe it a very valid one, and needs some thought & look into it!
I somewhat remember the question in which I faced this problem. It had a table with some 20 or so rows of data, and to solve the question I basically just had to get the average of those and one more step! Now how can someone add numbers like 3600, 57100, 142100 etc and 20s of them in one go! I can think of starting with a few in a mental maths style and writing it on paper, and repeat the process or some variation of it… BUT!!! Time and Accuracy is a big factor, isn’t it?
Just assume if it had been a pen-paper format, calculations done faster and with higher accuracy!

Another factor that comes to mind is re-making a figure that is already drawn for you to refer!
I didn’t face it this year, because there were no figures (as far as I remember) to refer to in the first place. Maybe they did away with them for this very reason!
Now the candidate will have to believe that whatever figure he/she comes up with, is the one that question requires! (It could go wrong with students like me, who are not spatially-challenged).

Sure if someone faces the CAT authorities with the problems faced by students in DI and/or Figure making, they are going to say it’s on the lines of GRE and GMAT.
I don’t know about GMAT, but CATs no DI question was on the format of what comes ni GRE, they are never so calculation intensive!
Agreed time-per-question on GRE is more or less the same as for CAT, but it’s not so calculation intensive, all the more so reason for CAT not to be online! Need for changes!!

Anybody listening!!

Continue reading for my CATperience here.

P.S. I won’t be giving CAT no more, but what is true is true 😉

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