CATperience – III

This one is the 3rd part in the series ‘CATperiences’ from here & here. This is more of an observation on my part than a CATperience.

While logging in to the systems, there was a point where some password had to be entered. As you would expect, it wasn’t anything like ‘abc123’, but somewhat something new 😉

When we entered the class there was a sheet of paper with an English word, say ‘cat’ in big-big letter. Due to my experience in IT Company and certifications, it hit me instantly that it’s some kind of password to be entered at some point!

And it was that!


But surely there was a new password for the new class in session, if you know what I mean! 😉

It was now say ‘dog!’. Notice the exclamation sign (!). Hope you noticed it without me asking you to do that! For if you didn’t, you are one of those people whom I am going to talk about next. You might want to carefully read what more I have to say then, but please don’t hate me!

There was this guy in my class, in fact occupying 3rd seat on my right, who did not see the ‘!’, and I don’t know HOW? or WHY? Did he miss it!
Seeing this guys behavior, that he missed ‘!’, and a few others’ who also did the same mistake, I concurred that even after so many security settings & specific password settings that are now in place at various sites, including social networking sites which the youngsters today very frequently visit, people still don’t use special characters in their passwords.
They still use:

  • Name
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s name
  • Movie stars’ name
  • Movies name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • House Number

Or a combination of these thereof!

Maybe people will learn the importance of special characters when they get a job in an organization which has a strict password combination policy, and compulsory changing of password after a specific number of days.
Well that’s the way I learnt in the first place! 😉

Disclaimer. Since CAT after being online has issued a statement that no information shall be leaked in any form, I have changed the original passwords to avoid any untoward incidence!

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