Mobile Number Portability Launched

Manveet ‘ਮਾਣਾ’ Singh: The Hindu Business Line : Mobile Number Portability now just an SMS away.

I thought that Mobile Number Portability was going to be launched initially in NCR, then if successful was going to be launched in other Metros, and then into Tier II & other cities.
But they have started with Rohtak in Haryana. And I am not even sure if it comes under even Tier II cities or not? I mean they are still waiting for it to launch in NCR :O

Well, I for one, plan to stay with Airtel, until and unless they mess up something real bad!

P. S. I am not a fan of their new jingle and/or advertisement and/or logo, but the service I have been getting for past around 10 years is unmatched! And yes, I have tried Vodafone, Reliance CDMA, Virgin Mobile, !dea; besides hopping back-and-forth to Airtel.

One thought on “Mobile Number Portability Launched

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