New Theme: Twenty Ten II

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Image via CrunchBase

Following from my previous post New Theme: Twenty Ten, confession my love for, I have to share another thought.

After a few days, of getting my blog with, even though I loved the header image they had on! It was simply amazing by-the-way, I thought of changing it…
This was because I had an image I wanted to ‘try’ as a header image! But before taking the leap, I made sure I knew every step on how to revert back to the original one in-case the new image & look of my blog is not up to my liking!

But Alas! I love the new look of my blog! Though I have only changed the header image, but it looooks good!
I am amazed! By the Simplicity! By the Beauty! And user-friendliness of!

One thought on “New Theme: Twenty Ten II

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