GooGLe Docs’ Form Trouble

I had to get some info collected from a group of people. Instead of passing out an excel sheet and consolidating them into another, I thought of giving Google Docs a try. I thought of using a SpreadSheet.

But while trying it out, I found that it has forms where I could make a form which can be filled by the group, and it would be converted into a SpreadSheet available for me to work on.
That was the good part.

I made the form, trying different combinations of check box, multiple choices, and text… and finally decided on Multiple options.
But in one field I did a spelling mistake, which I came to know, only when I was testing the form. And having the sensibility that I do, of a document being spell-error-free, I went back to, or at least I tried to go back to, the form that I had made. Whatever I tried, it didn’t open the ‘form’ that I had made. It would go to the SpreadSheet invariably.
Then I found an edit button, which should have taken me to the ‘editing’ the form. The google search for ‘editing the form’ told me to do the same thing.
I had tried it earlier, and tried it again. It hadn’t worked earlier, so it wasnt going to work now. But I tried. It didn’t work.
I don’t know why they did they. Is it there plan…?
I wouldn’t have given it such a thought, if I wouldn’t have seen the Chrome Netbook video which says that it does everything on the web!
If that’s the case, does it loose a form, like it did mine? And what should one do, after that?

To get the form going, I made another form, by filling each field after copying it from a MS Word document, to be safe and not lose any data again!
Maybe I did something wrong, or the form making is still not fool-proof on GooGLe Docs.

Life Takes a ToLL

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