Testing Windows Live Writer!

Lets see how this thing works!

It looks like tweaked version of MS Word !


and how’s does the above Popeye look?

3 thoughts on “Testing Windows Live Writer!

  1. Windows Live Writer is a great offline blogging tool. But sometimes I just feel messing up. Although it’s hundred times better to write on MS Word (it figures out and fixes grammatical errors), I find myself loving to write on WordPress composer.

    • I completely agree to that!
      Tried Windows Live Writer twice, though it gives a nice idea of how post a would look, but doesn’t even change ‘i’ to ‘I’.
      Atleast spell-check should have been equivalent to MS Word’s!!

      Well WordPress Composer, is anytime best :), but I like to make an offline copy of content first, so was checking out Writer for the purpose.

      • I would still write in the WordPress Composer first, then copy-paste it to MS Word for proofreading/spell and grammar checking. I don’t like After the Deadline too much. It suggests wrong sometimes.

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