Getting Quickly Married – NoT Me!

A friend of mine had a meeting with a prospective groom on December 24th.
He ‘Like’-d her (non-Facebook style) on December 25th, on Christmas Day 2010.
Then on December 26th, she is inviting me to her engagement and marriage on January 1st & 2nd.

If that is not fast, rather super-fast marriage, I wonder what is 🙂

Really happy for her! And for the super-lucky groom 🙂

Wish them a super cool wedding and lovely life 🙂

And I am really sad for being unable to attend the wedding 😦
Damn Higher studies!
Didn’t want to miss a Christian Wedding, and hoped I will surely be attending hers!

But, in the end, hope its the thought that matters 😀

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