About.me VS. Flavors.me

I have been trying and playing around About.me for sometime now, and thought of trying Flavors.me today.
It seemed to me earlier that Flavors.me would me higher on level of awesomeness, at least their home-page gave a look like that which told me that it would be fun. But boy! was I wrong!

  • To start with, half of their features are paid upgrades.
  • Also, alignment of subject matter on your personal page is kind of sketchy, you can’t freely move the content, there set places for it like – Right align, Left align, Center align etc.

Though the predefined Color combinations look good, and turns out to be a very good feature for almost color blind people like me 🙂

Then came another trouble while adding an account.

For some reason I was not able to add any account to it. When I try to add any of the available service (where at I have accounts), I am not able to.
For Example, with twitter, it asks, “Connect to Twitter“, and when I click on it, it goes “Oops!…” and some more error. Similar was the case when I tried connecting it Tumblr with it.
And the most beautiful part is, when on the error page, if you select to go to the contact page (as is obvious you would want to after trying to add a service without any luck for 4-5 times), it asks to start a discussion in ‘our forum’ or email them. Since I don’t want to start a discussion, I try to mail them by click on the emailing link available. But even that routes me to a page that “The page you’re looking for cannot be found. Go back” .
I mean it when I say it, that I am no coder of any repute :P, but even I would not expect to route an error page through an email page to another error page!
WHY??? Did nobody tell them yet? Should I be the one to tell them what they are doing is wrong, and no body expects a good development team to do that!! At least not when its live!

Well then there, no doubt About.me was bought by AOL, and not Flavors.me
Flavors clearly needs to do a lot of work. But I guess from the look of it (providing paid upgrades etc) they might not be in the run for being taken over! Still, they need to improve big time!!

My Vote goes to About.me , atleast for now 🙂 Would like to see if Flavors.me can come up with something good…

Till then, Check out my about.me profile!

Update : It seems that Flavors.me was having a temporary trouble connecting to services, but that is fixed now. But you can connect to only 5 services with the free version…
I figured Flavors.me updates your whole blog post, while About.me does only limited portions. It means, if you have a long blog post, you will have to go a long way and read it all before getting to the next entry! Why would Flavors.me do that?
And I agree what About.me has done is commendable, THOUGH, the picking of feeds is delayed quite a lot! About.me needs to look into it real soon!!

Quite an extensive coverage of Flavors.me and About.me also at GigaOm .

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