GCJ Trip : Gobindgarh

I went of a trip to pay a visit to my College; my Office, my Official friends; and the University which was kind to provide me with a Bachelor’s education.
The updates are like this:

  • College’s Vice Principal / Computer Science Department’s HOD at our time from 2003-2007 has become Principal of RIMT IET, and Director of RIMT Group of Institutes in just 3 short years. Thats an amazing growth if you ask me!
    • He now refers to himself as Dr. Harsh, while he used to be simply Harsh Sir for us 🙂
  • As if the huge currently present huge building was not enough, they are adding a new floor to it.
  • a Lot of extra curricular activities have started at college, and varied ones at that. I like that!
    • RIMT Talkies – for Group Discussions
    • e-Vision.. which seems to be organizing various activities under its name, like
      • Technorich
      • Game Villa – I suppose something on lines of FarmVille, and similar nomenclature
      • Tech Excelibur

Trip onwards to Chandigarh & Jalandhar continued…


3 thoughts on “GCJ Trip : Gobindgarh

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