GCJ Trip : Jalandhar

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  • Just to clarify and declare, Punjab Technical University is very very far away, and it’s not an easy task to reach there. And when I say the above, I mean it even from the Jalandhar highway; let’s not talk about my journey from Chandigarh to it right now.
    • They say it’s near Pushpa Gujral Science City (PGSC), and yes it is. But nowhere has it said how to reach PGSC. There is just a signage at G.T Road saying that PGSC is this way 18km, and after that for 20km there is no sign saying what turn to take, and mind it, it’s not a straight road. There are twists and turns that need to be followed.
    • On my way back, I thought I might have missed a turn and ended up troubling myself, so I will take a straight road this time. But Alas! Truth was already in front of me, and as I said, IT IS NOT A STRAIGHT ROAD, and there is no signage to guide a new traveller to the area.
    • I would have to say, to save all this trouble it would have been best to travel by bus to Jalandhar, and take a bus ahead to Kapurthala which would have dropped me right in front of PTU, saving me a lot of trouble.

Yes! PTU is the university thanks to which I have my bachelor’s degree, but they create trouble unnecessarily, as is the case with every Indian Government place. I don’t understand, what special job they have that they can’t do a piece of work which every other University does in one day, and they need 7 days to do it. Damn it! Doggone!

How was Mandi GobindGarh and Chandigarh


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