I just tried JustDial.com for the first time ever today.
I have been a bit apprehensive of using their service before, for some reasons I don’t know!

But today, after searching for bus enquiry numbers of Haryana Roadways and/or Punjab Roadways at Kashmere Gate ISBT, New Delhi for the past 3+ hours, and stumbling across numbers that are not valid, or too old to be true, and while trying to connect to some the connection just fails, I decided to finally try JustDial.com’s phone number.
And O Boy! was I amazed.!

  • by the quick answer to my call. My call was picked on 2nd ring.
  • by the quick response he gave me. He asked me want I wanted, and by the time I finished telling him, he said a message has been sent to you! And surely enough, by the time the call ended, there was an SMS with the information I wanted!
  • by the correctness of the information shared. Of all the numbers that I could collect from online places, theres was the only one’s working!

There was though this one thing that I didn’t understand the reason for. I was asked if I am in service or own business, I was about to end the call if he had asked any further. But I guess, they have developed some method to earn money to keep their services free of cost!!

Way to Go JustDial.com!!

P.S. Thanks Punjab Roadways’ New Delhi ISBT counter person for picking up the phone in 3 rings 🙂

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