DeskDeck – TweetDeck for Desktop

Image representing TweetDeck as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

DeskDeck – The name given to Desktop version of TweetDeck has a feature of drag-drop a pic and uploading it to a photo sharing services like YFrog, TwitPic etc (which generally use twitter as a login).

But while I was changing the settings to use my custom domain for URL shortening with TweetDeck, I came across a new pic sharing setting wherein you can post pics via Posterous. I was wondering as to how it would work, so I made it my default to pic-sharing, and set out to try it.

Since Posterous supports email posting to their site and then setting up a blog (you can name and personalize it later), I half expected that I would be getting a randomly generated blog name where my pic would be posted. But Alas! I was in for a surprise..!

The pic was posted to my own personal blog at posterous as a post. How they do that, I am still wondering since my tweet to DeskDeck has still not been answered!

Even the support doc is of now help!

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