Android and Applications on the go – Day 1

Android Market

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Today has been officially my first day with my new & 1st android and it’s applications.

I have had this phone for over a week now, but it’s only today that I have mobile internet working on it, and its loaded up with all sorts of apps and my resolve of continuous testing of them..

I like twitter‘s app but as far as I could understand I can’t load any of my friend’s tweet. What I mean is, I can’t specifically load a particular users timeline.

I also gave tweetdeck a spin for what it was worth, but didn’t like it at all 😦 and I’m specially saddened by it.

Giving facebook‘s app a run, it didn’t feel awesome, but is workable; and it seems to needs extra data to run…

I had been dying to get onto foursquare for sometime now, and finally with an android app for it I made the most of it today 🙂 Check my timeline for the proof 😉

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