A weird beard view

There’s this turbaned guy who travels by the same metro line as mine in morning, and has an amazingly weird beard cut.

Amazing in the sense that one look and you can’t tell that it’s cut… Weird because, well basically for the same reason 😛 … only a longer look can reveal the reality behind it and makes you wonder why did he do it like this, and how did he manage do it like this…

The guy’s beard is properly ties using gel or fixo or whatever he might be using, but underneath it is sheared beard… Breaks my heart for seeing such stupidity!

Moreover he had even cut the hair on his hand!

Stupid! Stupidity!! Non-Sense!


P.S. If someone thinks that the guy must have thought he was looking good after what he had done, well he must have been out of his senses to think that there was anything even remotely ‘g’ in how he looked!

GoD BLeSS him!!

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