Tagging in FaceBook Comments

o Boy!

Tagged Manish in a Comment

FaceBook's new - Tagging in Comment

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
You can now link to a person directly even in your comments by use of @ in facebook.
One awesome update I say, much required & appreciated one!

FaceBook just got better 🙂

UPDATE : the feature doesn’t work anymore as of 2300hrs IST:(
I guess it was only out for testing purposes!!
Hope they roll a full-fledged version soon though!!

UPDATE: Tagging in a Comment is back up on March 16, 2011; and moreover they have done away with the blue button for posting comments, you just need to press enter! But as allFacebook has also pointed, it might just be a test rollout! People like me who like to be verbose about thoughts and break them up in paragraphs are going to have a tough time adjusting!

One thought on “Tagging in FaceBook Comments

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