GOD! I aint OLD enough to die yet! You didn’t tell me its time for me to go!

Symbol of Sikhism, white and golden version.

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My First Religious Post/Status Update!

A man dies and goes to heaven….he says to Lord Almighty…..
you never gave any notice that i was going to die so I didn’t prepare or pray .
God said so I did….
first I weakened your eyesight…you got specks…now operation to get your eyesight corrected.
Then I made your hair go white to remind you…you dyed your hair.
Then I made yo…ur legs shaky….you ate multivitamins.
Then I made your teeth fall…you got dentures made forgetting that all these were reminders…
The man was speechless.

We have got a wonderful opportunity to meet our master Akal Purakh Waheguru…..the manukha janam and it is ending every second . It’s terrifying to think, that if we fail in this janam, we might have to enter the vicious cycle of 84 Lakh Joons (84,00,000 lives) before we get the next opportunity. Lets pray to the Lord that He embrace us and saves us from this Aava-Gaun.

“Eh Mann Merya Aava Gaun Sansaar Hai, Ant Sach Nibeara Raam
Appe Sacha Baksh Lae Phir Hoye Na Phera Raam”

shared from Trilochan Singh.

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