Delhi metro, operated by the Delhi Metro Rail ...

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These days while travelling by Delhi Metro I seem to be getting an overdose of fellow Sikhs roaming around me. Not ‘roaming’ roaming around, for there’s hardly any space to ‘roam’ around in the Metro these days.
It has so happened that while standing at a particular spot, these days, after a few stations I find 2+ ‘Guru de Singhs’ standing near me, like adjacent to me. It has never happened in the last 8-9 months that I have been continuosly and daily travelling by the Metro.
I wonder if there has been an influx of more Sikhs travelling at the same time as me by the metro, as they are a few new faces whom I hadnt seen ever earlier.

Only time will tell if its a temporary influx or a new wave that just started taking the same metro as me.

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