Baba RamDev – a thug or what?

What is a Thug?
Who is a Thug?
What does a person do to get him labeled as a Thug?

Well I don’t know the answers but you can get an idea from a Google search about thug

But what I do know is that Digvijaya Singh has called Baba Ramdev a Thug

I don’t know and surely don’t care why he was called a Thug!

I do have my few (more than 2) cents to share here 🙂

Why did Ramdev start the Yog at RamLila ground in Delhi? Because he wanted to start a hunger strike (ann-shann) in the name of it.
Why was he given permission to do it, when the government knew that he might start it? Well they had a deal. Fair enough.
When it was made clear from Ramdev camp that they would go for Ann-Shann from only the 2nd day if the demands were not met, why did he start with it on the 1st day of Yog itself? *Makes one wonder*
When a letter signed by a senior manager of your team is submitted to Government, you are at least expected to perform according to it, or did he forgot to tell you about it??

One thought on “Baba RamDev – a thug or what?

  1. These Congressmen are great frauds . They know very well to tackle these kind of situations. Now they are beating around the bush and making all the propaganda that RSS,VHP etc etc are with Ramdev Baba and trying to defuse the situation. They are not coming to the most wanted point ; bringing back the black money. Please make note of the names who are opposing Baba Ramdev during these days “They will definitely be in the Swiss Bank Black list”.

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