an unRealized Dream

Downtown Los Angeles  2008

Image by Slices of Light via Flickr

a dream still unrealized!! 🙂

I had so much hopes of making it this time (the first time) itself, that I had not planned for what to do in case I didn’t make it. The only thoughts doing round in mind were,

  • what am I going to do once in LA,
  • how much fun am I going to have in LA,
  • WoW! LA = Hollywood, and I haven’t even been to Bollywood
  • AWEsome! AWEsome!! AWEsome!!! It’s going to be AWEsome!.

These were the only things going around my mind, and ofcourse

‘ni main LA nu! tainu gaddi ch bitha k main lae jaavaan ni LA nu!’

I generally am never so hopeful for anything coming true, but this time I was, for maybe I wanted it bad!! Or maybe because I had been waiting for a long time to know.

Well USC didn’t want me, and I didn’t want to go anywhere else. Nakhra yaaraan di Mucch da! 😛

Life makes life a bit confusing sometimes, but ‘thou shalnt back down’. It must go on, and it shall!! 🙂

Bass kirpa rahe Baabe di!!

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