What do I mean?

One wonders what’s in a name?

There always comes a time in a persons life when they wonder what their name means, especially if they have a unique name, like mine!

I thought what my name meant. I asked around from learned people what my name meant. But was not able to get a satisfactory answer to it. No one was surely sure of what it meant.

So I thought I would ask a larger audience, so I asked on Sikhnet (ɱ)

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

My name is Manveet Singh.
and my problem is that i dont know the meaning of my name.

I asked my parents about it, they didnt know either.

I asked a couple of few other elders, but they werent too sure either..

I saw in another discussion that Some people suggested the name Manveet Singh for a new born baby..

Please if anybody could tell me what the name Manveet Singh means would do me a great favour…

Hoping for a positive answer to the meaning of my name…


Well! Somebody did know, and they helped me out! Someone knew! (), and I quote

…is sanskritic in origin

“man” means mind
“veet” means release

In sikhi, “man jita jag jeta”- conquering the mind is the same as conquering the universe.


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