Possible Updates to Facebook – Ticker & stuck Header

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Image via CrunchBase

Dear Facebook, I just saw what you are planning to do, updating UI and the likes.

A ticker on the right side, might turn out to be a good thing, but in my case it showed the same person Online 3 successive times.

Also fixing the top so that it remains there, like Google does is a good idea, but the notifications need to be scrollable for it to make sense. I had 10 notifications, and I couldn’t see beyond 8 notifications :\

Well I wish you luck. But before adding new stuff, please think to make chat more likeable.
I have by started using a desktop client Digsby for chat, which I thought I would never do!
I cant stand to see my browser readjusting every time I need to see if someone is available or not!

I don’t have a snapshot of it right now, for as soon as I thought of refreshing the page and taking a shot, the changes were revoked.
I will try to be faster the next time!

One thought on “Possible Updates to Facebook – Ticker & stuck Header

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