Earthquake – New Delhi – September 07 2011

Just felt an Earthquake shake up the bed I was lying on working on a College project.
I would have to guess it to be in the vicinity of 6 Richter, though I am no expert but it was the most powerful one that I have ever felt!

[Janak Puri, New Delhi – September 07th, 2011 23:28 hrs]

The air conditioning was ON, and I playing with its temperature settings now & then for it was Oh! So Cold. But when the bed shook, even it went hot :\

O Mother Nature! I never doubted the power you had, but this was the first time I saw an example of that!
Thank You for keeping us alive another day!


UPDATE: The quake was 4.2 only, it felt powerful to me for the epicenter has never been so close home in Sonepat!

Delhi Earthquake Map

One thought on “Earthquake – New Delhi – September 07 2011

  1. oh,…that was great …..i never ever felt that type of hung……………..reallly outstanding experience……………..

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