Setting up Gmail POP and Apple Mail 5.0?

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I got a new MacBook Pro, so the first thing that I did was to log on to GMail on Safari. Amazingly upon login I got a dialog box that if I want to configure this account with my Apple Mail account. Well of course I wanted to. I had been using Outlook on Windows, so this was the 1st thing I wanted to do with mail anyways!

And I did. I didn’t know, and didn’t realize till long that it was an IMAP setting it had done. Well I don’t like IMAP, the reason I started using Outlook was that it saved a copy on my machine, but didn’t touch what was there in my mailbox. That and the reason that Infosys kinda taught us to use Outlook 😉 (and I have loved it ever since).

So when I simply tried to set up GMail POP with Apple Mail it didn’t seem to work.
I tried instructions from the GMail Help, but it was for Apple Mail 3.0 only. Even for Apple Mail 4.0, they only had IMAP instructions.

There were no set of instructions for Apple Mail 5.0, but I had a feeling that only certain changes were needed to be done after setting it up as instructed for Mail 3.0

So I went Googling again, for set of instructions on setting it up for OS X Lion.
And Voila! There was necessarily just 1 change that I had to do from amongst the few changes from listed below: 

pop: 995 (not 993)

smtp: default

ssl: checked

username: complete email address, not just your username

via What is Gmail going to do about POP and Apple Mail 5.0? – Gmail Help.

Thanks to amazing people who make life for people like us a lot better and easier!


UPDATE on October 2nd. While setting up my 3rd GMail account with Mail 5.0 and reading instructions, I realized that it already said that I had to set up the port as 995. I just skipped the part! Work done in a hurry CAN turn out to be more time-consuming!

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