Installing Firefox on Mac | How to | Firefox Help

I tried installing Firefox like twice on my new MacBook Pro, but it seemed to just not work.

When I first downloaded it, it didn’t run because I had an earlier version of it already installed on my Mac.
Weird I thought, for I never saw such a pop-up on my Windows installation, or maybe it was long since I upgraded from FF 3.5 to FF 5.0 that I didn’t remember. But still!!

Then again I decided to give it a try today, after learning over the week how to uninstall an installed software 😉 (Who could have imagined that uninstalling an application could be as easy as dragging and dropping to Trash Can)
Again for some reason, it didn’t seem to work. I tried dragging the firefox icon from the Downloads folder to Applications folder on my machine as the pop-up supposedly said

Installing Firefox

But didn’t seem to work, as then the Firefox Disk Image would not get ejected. It just came coming back up!

I did what I was taught to do while installing an application on Windows. UnInstall it all, delete any proof that it existed, and any downloaded file; download again, and then install.

So that’s what I did.

But just to be sure that I wouldn’t have to redo those steps, I resorted to searching for a solution.
I found that I had to

… Drag the Firefox Icon into the Applications folder.

in the Finder window (pop-up for Windows sake) itself.


After Firefox has been dragged into the Applications folder you can eject the disk image by selecting it in a Finder window and pressing the command+E keys or by using the Finder’s File menu, and selecting Eject as shown below.

via Installing Firefox on Mac | How to | Firefox Help.

It all worked like a charm!

All thanks to Firefox Help!

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