In no mood to study!

I have my sessional examinations right on my head. No to be exact currently going through, but I don’t feel like even looking at the course ware.

It’s not that I do not care for them, it’s just that I have missed a lot of the courseware being covered in here that I don’t feel I know anything, and thus no feeling to study any of it afresh on such a short notice.

I guess a week away at Bangalore for SAPTechEdcan do that to you!


But moreover with NaNoWriMo going right now, I feel like being an active participant in that, and it has taken away my wish to study father away from me!

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3 thoughts on “In no mood to study!

  1. You could always do a bit of both – study and write. And you can treat your writing as a goal after you accomplished say 15 or 30 minutes of studying.
    And with your courseware, I’m sure there’s something you do about so revise on that, or you could even ask a friend to help you understand the concepts. I don’t know….just a few suggestions. 🙂

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