Google Snows

Recently Google has been playing with the power of CSS3, js and what not.
They earlier did a ‘do a Barrel Roll‘ play with Google Search, but behold the latest entrant!

Keeping with the holiday spirits, Google now snows when you look out for ‘let it snow

and behold the Holiday Spirit in the form of snow falling all over your page

and soon it fulls the whole page with a thick layer of snowy-ice!

Sometimes you just need something as simple as a Defrost button to get rid of the accumulated ice! Only if life was as simple to defrost! 🙂

Enjoy the holiday season!
God BLeSS!!

Have Fun!!

P. S. I have been a’s snowy part since last year, and I am sure snow was available a year before that too! Great to see Google join in the holiday fever!

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