WordAds by WordPress.com

WordPress.com recently announced that they have left behind AdSense, and have recently partnered with Federated Media to run ads on WordPress.com blogs which would be eligible for them though they have not defined the criteria that they will use to decided which blogs the ads will run on. Though a prerequisite has been defined as a Custom Domain via the Domain Mapping Upgrade.

I have been tinkering with the idea of getting a custom domain with the upgrade for sometime now but I am not sure of which domain to finalize, as I already have ManveetSingh.com up and running, which would turn out to be quite costly than if I buy the domain from WordPress.com Still thinking and planning though 😉

So just fill out this form, keep your fingers crossed and get started.

7 thoughts on “WordAds by WordPress.com

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  2. Frankly speaking this WordAds thing is crap for 2 reasons.

    1. Firstly for that everyone needs to have a custom domain for which 17 $ a year
    2. And then even if you get that you are not sure if you fit the criteria in terms of traffic.

    I mean now this is why I am getting irritated with WordPress.

    • Well to each his own!
      I have been of the opposite view:
      1. Why should I pay to map my domain here, when I can do that for free with BlogSpot, Posterous, and even Tumblr? – but then to each his own Business Model!!
      2. I agree with you on the fitness for ads as per traffic. But then it seems that WP.com isn’t too fond of advertising, and believes more in aesthetics of blogs, but I cant say anything on their behalf!

      But Well, Keep Rocking 😉

    • Though I am not an expert on WordPress.com ads, and still learning a lot of stuff as time passes.
      But WordPress.com only recently removed support for AdSense and partnered with Federated Media to bring WordAds.
      At that point it was a revenue sharing model, and was based upon the traffic a blog had.

      Even though wp.com is free, but they do need to make money to keep the services free.
      Moreover, if you dont want to make money from your blog you dont need to upgrade 🙂
      Money can only get more money! So if you think your blogs get enough clicks, a domain(branding) would be any days a good idea.

      On the blog that you shared, I dont know, but it doesn’t seem to be affiliate links; so I am unsure if they are ads or how they earn out of it!

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