The New facebook Timeline


Dear Mark Zuckerberg!

It would be great that if before getting the world to use Timeline you could at least test it out properly, crease out the usability, and remove the code that still made the Cover Picture to hide a bit on top!

I mean, with the kind of money you have, you could at least get some cool coders, no? Or AWEsome testers like well, ME!

Meeting Manish on way to MPSEZ

I met Manish at Old Delhi Railway Station, on his way to MPSEZ. He was kind enough to give responsibility of his luggage to some stranger in the Waiting Room and come meet me!

AdaniMundra Port

To say the least, it felt good meeting after such a long time even if for very little time!

All The Best for the new job beere, Go Get Them 😉

I can now say that I am Proud of you (but a little jealous too, Deputy Manager sir!), I knew you would do me proud one day 😉

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Possible Updates to Facebook – Ticker & stuck Header

Image representing Digsby  as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Dear Facebook, I just saw what you are planning to do, updating UI and the likes.

A ticker on the right side, might turn out to be a good thing, but in my case it showed the same person Online 3 successive times.

Also fixing the top so that it remains there, like Google does is a good idea, but the notifications need to be scrollable for it to make sense. I had 10 notifications, and I couldn’t see beyond 8 notifications :\

Well I wish you luck. But before adding new stuff, please think to make chat more likeable.
I have by started using a desktop client Digsby for chat, which I thought I would never do!
I cant stand to see my browser readjusting every time I need to see if someone is available or not!

I don’t have a snapshot of it right now, for as soon as I thought of refreshing the page and taking a shot, the changes were revoked.
I will try to be faster the next time!

FaceBook wants your Unborn Child

I saw an update by Faking News:

Facebook now allows you to add your “unborn child” as a family:

I didn’t believe it, for obvious reasons as per the title of the Page!

But they gave a TechCrunch link, there had to be some sense in the news.

And IT IS true.

See for yourself!!

facebook adds a family member - expected child

Is this really a new Customer Acquisition Strategy, or there is a rationale behind it?

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FaceBook – old posts not loading

A bug or maybe Facebook updated/upgraded its database but didn’t upload the old posts back into the system!

FB No More Posts to Show

Something to look into Mark Zuckerberg and team!!

I know sometimes Facebook makes some changes to policy & thus settings are affected, but no this isn’t the case. At least when I tried the ‘Edit Options’ to see if only particular type of posts were to be visible, ‘All of your friends and pages’ is selected. So it should show them all, but it ain’t!