define beere


I was trying a way to define ‘beera’ and ‘beere’ as used in Punjabi.
I did a bit (read a lot) of Google search to find a place where it would be clearly defined, and I could link to it then. But there was none.

So I decided to do the honours myself.

beere | bēereɪ |
and beera | bēerä |

defined as a personal play of words on veere | vēereɪ | and veera | vēerä | respectively done by maaNaa.
The original words veere and veera mean ‘Brother’ or more appropriately ‘Bro’ in Punjabi.

Feel free to add an -s after it, to make it plural.
Its not an official word.
Kindly adjust!

Google Dictionary vs. WordWeb



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I have a WordWeb Dictionary (based on WordNet from Princeton) installed on my laptop for easy references.

While looking for a new ‘Site Title’ for my Blog, I wanted to get into depth of meaning of Asinine and Linchpin, for I wanted a play on one of those or both.

But my first (default) choice of getting the meaning was Google Dictionary (define in Google takes you to dictionary), instead of the installed WordWeb.

I only went to WordNet when my internet connection went slow a few times.

I realised the reason I used Google Dictionary was because it offered to correct a spelling I might have spelled wrong while typing a word rather than declaring out-and-out that there is no such word!

Thank You Google for that!