Journey of a Sikher: To beard or not to beard…

I have the same thoughts as Journey of a Sikher: To beard or not to beard…., there is no feeling which can equal the feeling of air freely moving through an open beard! Though I haven’t tied my beard, never technically anyways – haven’t used a product or such, other than once or twice in beard’s formative years, but recently there has been pressure from family to tie it up for family function! What I don’t understand is, if I can keep it open for the outside non-family world, why do I need to worry when with family! Just FYI, I tie my beard with a ‘thatha’ just after a bath, gives it a sort-of-tidier look than a completely open one!

My beard is a part of me, it is part of my identity and it is a part of my uniqueness, it connects me to something so special. It is a prevalent part of my face, in fact between the beard and turban I am just a set of eyeballs and nose! I belong to something greater than just trying to look great for society; I am trying to look my best for something better something higher and something that means much more than this. My entire image belongs to something else, it is not mine, what a dent to an ego that is, when you fail to be able to even have your own image

I have been trying to explain it to my family that

Tying a beard properly takes time and effort; it also takes a lot of patience as anyone who has styled hair knows that every day is different. Depending on the humidity or other factors each day was/is a challenge

also when I travel to Gurgaon (1 hour each side with my face covered) my beard seems to be quite set, because of the hot air; and even if I consider the same time frame but in AC (car or metro) it’s not going to be same! They think & hope that I will understand their argument with time; its been, what, some 8 years of time now 🙂 And I keep on hoping that they will be OK with my non-argument on the same!


Delhi metro, operated by the Delhi Metro Rail ...

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These days while travelling by Delhi Metro I seem to be getting an overdose of fellow Sikhs roaming around me. Not ‘roaming’ roaming around, for there’s hardly any space to ‘roam’ around in the Metro these days.
It has so happened that while standing at a particular spot, these days, after a few stations I find 2+ ‘Guru de Singhs’ standing near me, like adjacent to me. It has never happened in the last 8-9 months that I have been continuosly and daily travelling by the Metro.
I wonder if there has been an influx of more Sikhs travelling at the same time as me by the metro, as they are a few new faces whom I hadnt seen ever earlier.

Only time will tell if its a temporary influx or a new wave that just started taking the same metro as me.