Defending FaceBook – my vice

FaceBook. It started when I bought a laptop for my own self.

Facebook Logo sticker

I had been propagating to friends that a laptop is a waste of money, and a waste of time, for when you get one you can’t do without internet connection, and while on internet social networking is the thing that has youth in grips!

Well I taught people this, believed in it, but still even I caught the Social Networking bug. I feel sad for myself for having caught it, but there’s something about it that I am not able to call quits…

I want to quit, …because… VS.

I have been trying and playing around for sometime now, and thought of trying today.
It seemed to me earlier that would me higher on level of awesomeness, at least their home-page gave a look like that which told me that it would be fun. But boy! was I wrong!

  • To start with, half of their features are paid upgrades.
  • Also, alignment of subject matter on your personal page is kind of sketchy, you can’t freely move the content, there set places for it like – Right align, Left align, Center align etc.

Though the predefined Color combinations look good, and turns out to be a very good feature for almost color blind people like me 🙂

Then came another trouble while adding an account.

Read more to know what else happened…