Waheguru Wallpaper


After looking through 47 + 45 pages of 4 X 4 thumbnail images on Google for keyword : Waheguru and Waheguru Wallpaper from my mobile; the one I had been looking for still didn’t turn up.

I am not a fan of religious wallpapers, but I just wanted to share that the Waheguru Wallpaper that I had found was simply amazing. Sharing for all for those interested!

YOURLS – Thank You!

Even before I had installed YOURLS for URL shortening, I was like totally amazed by it.

and now that I have, just can get over how amazing it actually is!!

Did I tell you that it’s TOTALLY AMAZING!

It is amazing in itself – lets you have your own personal URL Shortener. But gets even better with the plug-ins.

I used a plugin to connect YOURLS with your WordPress.org blog

YOURLS – WordPress to Twitter

Now, upon publishing a post on my WP.org blog, all I need to do is scroll down a little, confirm the tweet content, and hit the tweet button.

It also gives me a short URL for each post, just like WordPress.com gives via wp.me, and in the same way on a toolbar-isque location!

So now whenever I publish a post,

  • Each post gets a new short URL automagically,
  • I can even reset the short URL.
  • Each post can be tweeted right from the Edit Post page,
  • and the tweet shows my own twitter app (the app is a part of connect twitter with YOURLS plugin 🙂 , but stilll!)

  • Whenever I need to share the short URL for a post, I just go to the post, and click on shortlink to get the shortened URL 😉

Totally AWEstruck!

P. S. I am still looking out for a way to get the shortlink as the permalink to the post, and directly display it along with the post! Let me know if you know a good way to do it – a plug-in would do too 🙂

Meeting Manish on way to MPSEZ

I met Manish at Old Delhi Railway Station, on his way to MPSEZ. He was kind enough to give responsibility of his luggage to some stranger in the Waiting Room and come meet me!

AdaniMundra Port

To say the least, it felt good meeting after such a long time even if for very little time!

All The Best for the new job beere, Go Get Them 😉

I can now say that I am Proud of you (but a little jealous too, Deputy Manager sir!), I knew you would do me proud one day 😉

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Android and Applications on the go – Day 1

Android Market

Image via Wikipedia

Today has been officially my first day with my new & 1st android and it’s applications.

I have had this phone for over a week now, but it’s only today that I have mobile internet working on it, and its loaded up with all sorts of apps and my resolve of continuous testing of them..

I like twitter‘s app but as far as I could understand I can’t load any of my friend’s tweet. What I mean is, I can’t specifically load a particular users timeline.

I also gave tweetdeck a spin for … how well did it spin ✍